torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2011

Ballerina mania

Don't get me wrong high heels are great and all - got a pair of red Jimmy Choo's - but as I'm 177cm, ballerina's are my friend. My new craving is something I found on Polyvore, these Marais USA Maryjane Bow Flats. 

And definately the best place to shop for ballerinas is Milan!!! I might post some pictures of the ballerinas i bought from my trip to Milan a few months back... Maybe!

Who wouldn't love Paris


It HiPPiE 

Les Petites Parisiennes

Bel Air

I love all my purchases and it was especially hard to walk away with only one purchase from Bel Air...But I shall be going back!! Wish I would have had more money to shop but naturally some had to be spent on chinese food, sushi, booze and going out!

The first

Hey! soo this is my first post and I thought for a while what it should be but couldn't really think of anything too special so I'm just gonna start posting posts about my dream closet and my closet in reality, hope you enjoy !!

ps. i love susie for helping me come up with a name for my blog